ultimate-security-limited radio alarms services

Radio Alarm Systems

ultimate-security-limited radio alarms services

This is our primary service, and our core business.

Guarding Services

ultimate-security-limited guard services

Our sister company, Security Guards Services Limited, has been providing static guarding services since 1969.Our guards are well paid and are fully kitted-out with all necessary equipment to perform their duties. Our Supervisors inspect them on a daily basis using a bespoke bar code system.

Any new recruit goes through a comprehensive recruitment procedure and must fulfil all criteria as laid out by the Kenya Security Industry Association. In addition, he goes through a training programme developed by a British army training specialist ensuring the highest standard possible.

The guards go through regular refresher courses thereafter and are also made aware of any new trend in crime. Instead of your having the hassle of ensuring your employee is on duty and alert at your house 24/7 – why not let us have that operational headache. Further information can be given at your request.

ultimate-security-limited guard services

Road Rescue

As an Ultimate Security Limited client, you will receive this service free of charge, and is available throughout Nairobi and its environs, within our parameters of operation, including the Mombasa Road up to the airport. Below are some of the ways you may benefit from this value-added service: call us on your mobile phone. (Don’t forget to put our emergency numbers on the speed dial of your mobile phone – 0722 725310 or 0733 778410).

  • If your car breaks down, we will send a vehicle to your location and call a garage of your choice
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  • If you have an emergency in the Nairobi National Park, we will come to your rescue with the assistance of K.W.S Rangers
  • If you have an accident and you require help, we will have a vehicle with you in minutes. We will also call the police and/or breakdown services if necessary
  • If you have a puncture day or night and you need help and protection, we will offer you personal security
  • If you require an ambulance, we shall have an ambulance respond to your call, whether at home, in the office, in your vehicle, or simply walking your dog

Fire Services

Our fire response vehicles are now stationed at key points in coverage areas to assist our security crews in the event of an emergency.

Security Survey

If you require advice on how to improve security at your home, call us to arrange a survey free of charge.